Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh yes... new shop of gems and pretties!

I opened up a new shop of gems, pretties and handmade supplies last week!
i just got started with a few items but will be posting more LOTS more in the upcoming weeks. I hope you see something you might like! take a peek....

Fall is here...

Fall is one of my most favorite times of year. The air smells of earth and clay. The leaves are changing colors, then they fall and dance in the winds it looks like colored 'snow' falling to the ground. It is quite lovely and soothing. It is also time for cowls, arm warmers and wool jackets to come out and play AND keep us warm. I cannot wait to create with a big mug of apple cider by our fire place. Maybe reading a book... or three as well.
Stay warm, create and read!
Also.. here are some new creations in the works and will be posted this weekend. Enjoy!