Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sniffles, Cough AND a sore throat! Bleh

Bleh I say and some UGH! I am sicky girl and cannot sleep so therefore... PERFECT time to update the blog ...  Lets see.. well its rainy and cold here. I say if it's going to be this cold than it should snow sometime! But that's just me. I have been busy making herbal goodies like incense and bath teas, Oxidizing silver and making fabric covered bobbi pins and buttons which is just plain FUN!

I have been trading like a mad woman these past few weeks as well trying to get as much presents for the friends and family since we are all tightening up the budget.  I have traded some beautiful and wonderful items... here are some:

The lovely felted bowl from: Shanineal.etsy.com
The beautiful Calendars from: TudorDesigns.etsy.com
The Sweet little Kitty Crochet Toy from: Acrudele.etsy.com

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ha! oops... here are some new pictures.....

Of the goodies I am posting this week on my etsy store... they look winter-y I think :)

Let me know what you think!

Its rainiy here today....

I woke up to the rain pounding on my window .... and it was soothing....really it was. It has been a hard few weeks for me since I got hurt on the job...AGAIN! Third time is the charm and i am at home for a while healing up emotionally and physically. This leaves me with a bit of time online posting new auctions, fixing pictures to post and finding new goodies to purchase! when i really should be saving up money... HEY! I AM trying here ya know :)

Here are some new pictures i took over the weekend, a lovely new black neck cowl and some warm slippers!

*The slippers are from zerkahloostrah.etsy.com
*The black neck cowl from Joandben.etsy.com


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Smells Like Fall Today.....

I woke up this morning went to the window and woke up to some frost and a crisp smell in the air... mmmmmm... Smells like Fall! We are supposed to have a Brr COLD winter this year and get more SNOW! I am SO excited! I LOVE snow! Here are some goodies that I am Eyeing for my Fall/Winter-ish Wardrobe :)

The Cashmere Scarf and Hand warmers Featured Above are from Adventuresofjr.etsy.com I had her make me a custom pair last year that I just LOVE! she is wonderful to work with and her cashmere items are BEAUTIFUL!

Below here are some warm-y (LOL) items that I purchased from Caitijo.etsy.com.... I am So excited to get these babies and warm up my toes when it gets colder round here parts! LOL!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

These are just lovely!

Here I am  this Tuesday evening, I should be working on paperwork but alas, I am here working on my Etsy shop, taking pictures, posting lovelies and I come across these Darling earrings!
Dangit I thought to myself! I may just have to get them *sigh* 

Made by JooJoo from www.pcagoe.com

I have a bad habit of....

Purchasing too many things off etsy. *sigh* I  think I only make and sell my goodies to just buy the stuff i want! :)

This is all the fabulous loot i scored this week:

From Eleen at www.Eleen.etsy.com I purchased this beautiful Large *BIG LUG* Tote. This tote is just STUNNING! Really! Eleen just makes the best totes, big enough to carry my macbook, some books, a scarf, wallet, water bottle , keys, cell phone, ipod and MORE! She is so sweet too.

And from Collisionware.etsy.com I purchased a Lovely Red wallet to match said Big Lug tote!!

This wallet is so wonderfully made with enough compartments and such to fit in everything i needed and more! She also sent the items so fast! 

Hello :)


Well I am new to blogging but have visited quite a few of them and so enjoy looking at the pictures and fashions people purchase or wear! 

I have just purchased some BEAUTIFUL bags from madebyhank.etsy.com that are just Lovely!
I am so excited to receive them. Katie uses such a wonderful light but bold palette. I can't wait to see them in person. Thanks Katie!