Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have a bad habit of....

Purchasing too many things off etsy. *sigh* I  think I only make and sell my goodies to just buy the stuff i want! :)

This is all the fabulous loot i scored this week:

From Eleen at www.Eleen.etsy.com I purchased this beautiful Large *BIG LUG* Tote. This tote is just STUNNING! Really! Eleen just makes the best totes, big enough to carry my macbook, some books, a scarf, wallet, water bottle , keys, cell phone, ipod and MORE! She is so sweet too.

And from Collisionware.etsy.com I purchased a Lovely Red wallet to match said Big Lug tote!!

This wallet is so wonderfully made with enough compartments and such to fit in everything i needed and more! She also sent the items so fast! 

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eleen said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful post about your Big Lug bag! I'm so happy that you like it...and that wallet goes perfectly with it too! Take care and thank you again. :]